Antonello Giliberto - The Strategy Of Chaos (April 30th, 2019)


01 - The Strategy Of Chaos
02 - Threat And Redemption
03 - Before The Battle
04 - Beata Beatrix The Beautiful Vision
05 - Artemisia's Revenge
06 - The Depths Of My Soul
07 - Wrath Of The Northmen
08 - Iron Shadows In The Moon
09 - Forgotten Mists
10 - Secrets From The Past
11 - Alone In The Empty Space
12 - Odissea Veneziana (Bonus Track)












Antonello Giliberto - Journey Through My Memory (June 22nd, 2015, MINOTAURO RECORDS)


01 - Demeter
02 - Endless Labyrinth
03 - Journey Through My Memory
04 - Enigma Of Eternal Night
05 - First Day Lights At The Monastery
06 - Avalon's Darkness
07 - And Won Their Freedom
08 - Perfect Dream
09 - Flying With The Dragon
10 - The Art Of Ending













Antonello Giliberto - The Mansion of Lost Souls (April 26th, 2013)


01 - Equinox

02 - Lotus Effect

03 - The Mansion Of Lost Souls

04 - Sorrow

05 - Flight Of The Sleeper

06 - Entr'act

07 - The Power Of The Whip

08 - Dream Of The Dead Tree

09 - Rise Of The Titans

10 - Ballade No.3

11 - The Ride

12 - Commiato












Antonello Giliberto - Taormina è amore

This is the soundtrack I wrote for an upcoming short film entitled "Taormina è amore". The music is inspired by my beautiful land, Sicily, and is a background for a love story born suddenly. What you will listen to is pure orchestral music in the tradition of Morricone, Elfman and Cantelon.

TALES AND LEGENDS / Struggle Of The Gods (RBNCD-1350) (2021)


I play Lead Guitars on tracks "Tales And Legends" and "Land Of Thunder"














GABRIELS – Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 3 (Nanto Chaos) (Diamond Prod. 2020)


I play all guitars in the songs "Rebirth By Three Days Of Life" and " Fight For Her Love"












Guitarratónica 2019


I'm present with the song "Wrath Of The Northmen"


GUITARRATÓNICA 2019 can be downloaded for free by clicking here:









GABRIELS – Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 2 (Hokuto Brothers) (Rockshots 2018)


I play all guitars in the song "Legend of fear"














Guitarratónica 2018


I'm present with the song "Flying with the dragon"


GUITARRATÓNICA 2018 can be downloaded for free by clicking here:


(Black Tears/Cult of Cthulhu, 2017)

DEATH MECHANISM “At the Mountains of Madness” 
MALIGNANCE “Mater Tenebrarum”
DAMNATION GALLERY “At the Roots of Evil” 
KILLERS LODGE “The Creature” 
E-FORCE “Master of Morphine” 
FOG “Red as Blood” 
BARCHE A TORSIO “A-e Reixi do Ma”
CADALSO “Thanatoid” 
HORNHAMMER “The Flag of the Inverted Cross”
PATH OF SORROW “Smell of Blood”
SEPTEM “Process of Violation” 
NECROBREATH “Eucharistical Sacrifice”
SCHIZO “Enter my Subconscious”
NECRODEATH “Cult of Shiva” (bonus track)


I play in the song “Master of Morphine”

E-FORCE - Demonikhol
(Mausoleum Records, 2015)

01. Apero
02 .Grievance
03. Double Edged Sword
04. Invasion
05. Debauchery
06. The Day After
07. Ultimatum
08. Insidious
09. Demonikhol
10. State Of Delusion
11. Last Call

I play in the songs "Invasion", "Insidious", and "State Of Delusion"

Andrea Quartarone Guitar Academy 2015 (XTRAMUSE RECORDS,2015)

FEARLESS - Andrea Quartarone (Feat. Andrea Quartarone)
MOOD INDIGO - Andrea Quartarone (Feat. Andrea Quartarone)
IF - Andrea Quartarone (Feat. Andrea Quartarone)
LAZY - Andrea Quartarone (Feat. Andrea Quartarone)
TWO ANGELS - Andrea Quartarone (Feat. Andrea Quartarone)
IN THE PRESENCE OF ENEMIES part I - Dream Theater (Feat. Giuseppe Buscemi)
DOLEMITE - Scott Henderson (Feat. Federico Caramagno)
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - Steve Vai (Feat. Vittorio Distefano)
DEMETER - Antonello Giliberto (Feat. Antonello Giliberto)
GHOSTSHIP part V Storm - Shadow Gallery (Feat. Graziano Manuele)
NO GRAVITY - Kiko Loureiro (Feat. Gaetano Miano)
WISHFUL THINKING - Jonh Petrucci (Feat. Pierluigi Rizza)

Blue Train - Madness (2013)


01 - 222

02 - Old town

03 - Keep on fly way

04 - Dog John

05 - Destiny

06 - Blues in the sky

07 - Out of jail

08 - My sisters

09 - Ostinato

10 - And tonight i want you